All About Christina Ppn

Passion, love, optimism. I'm sure I could add more descriptions about myself, but I believe it is a wise choice of words that includes most about me. Life may not have been sunny, but I have always made sure to open the window and the door for the new, for the bright, for the wonderful, for one reason only: Because I deserve it!
I love to live, laugh, learn and share, and you will find me touched by the talent, passion, greatness of soul and the best self that one gives. In the footsteps of that someone I admire, or rather on the same path, I want to walk, and I decided to build this site.

What are you going to find interesting here?
I write about shopping, technology, love, and all that gluten-free! In November 2020 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease coeliac and since then I have been looking for ways to continue my life differently from what I have learned and become a different Christina - and given the opportunity, a better Christina!-.