• Christina Ppn

Home (working) alone

Updated: Apr 19

I like more to think of it as if the Greek (God) singer Sakis Rouvas (@sakis rouvas) from the 90s is referring to me by the lyrics of the song To xerw eisai moni

I know that you 're lonely, you are lonely, you are lonely and this is upsetting me, hurting me, killing me. I know that you 're lonely, you are lonely, you are lonely I want to come over here.

Credits: Singer: Sakis Rouvas, Lyrics: Eleni Giannatsoulia, Music: Alexis Papadimitriou

and I am just waiting for the time to pass and finish work, to go over there.

This is because if I start thinking what my daily routine consists of (one wall up front, one at my right and the third one above, including two screens constantly asking for my attention) I will go crazy! And I did...

The time came, along with the pressure of those days, and I went furious with anyone who didn't understand, with anyone who didn't talk to make a proposal and with anyone who didn't respect people's personal time. That is when I realized that anyone was Nobody from Homer's Odyssey and I was the cyclops Polyphemus who with one eye I was looking to blame Nobody who blinded me, but there was no one to understand me. However, my limited vision did not prevent me from communicating, but from communicating as well -and wonderfully- as I did before this situation.

The fact that I literally didn't have two eyes to look at while I was talking, to understand what they were feeling, to guess what they were thinking, and also if there's room for humor, was the fact what drove me crazy. This permanent image in Teams with someone's initials or photo and the microphone flashing in the mute brought me to my limits.

I'm the person who senses from the body language what the other one desires, and what that person wants from me, from his hmms and whispers, I understand if the one likes something, or likes me and my thoughts expressed. We've lost that. I miss it a lot.

The new update I run to myself was to get up in the morning, get dressed, get makeup on, and even while my hair roots were white as snow, and go to the office. To see wonderful people, to exchange a couple of words, to laugh out loud and to make fist bump with Savvas who I coincide gastronomically.

Go out, see people, say a wide and loud Good morning to your neighbors. Smile even under the mask, the eyes will tell. And laugh! Laugh out loud! Let the block hear you!