• Christina Ppn

Preparing yourself for the "Great Exit"

Updated: Apr 14

While staying at home, we need to prepare ourselves phychologically and practically. Yes, but why 'need'? Because we deserve it! Just as we start preparations for a highly anticipated trip by searching for sight seeings, what to wear, or where to eat, so must or need we start preparing now. Because life is wonderful!

If your not up for that, read the following.

Imagine lass, I go out for a drink for the first time in months and get blisters from the new shoes I bought. Imagine, I walk over to the bar to get myself a cocktail and fall flat on face just because the only practice of walking I have been doing was with slippers!


High heels time is now. Now is the time to "open" those new pumps you bought, to learn that Next Top Model cat walk. Now is the time to experience and set free the Gilda of 2021 that you are. Now.

Well, ok, you can do it next week. Rome wasn't build in a day.

I started Now!