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Turning 35

Updated: May 7

The time is currently 11 p.m., tomorrow is my birthday. When did I get to 35 God? With everything I've experienced, I'm surprised I'm not 60 already.

Unhappy years, happy years, all mine. Full of moments, people, conversations, music, dancing and a lot, yes, a lot of food.

When I think of the years that have passed… STOP. I don't think about the years that have passed. I'm 35 and I'm stronger, happier, smarter and more beautiful than ever. Because all this is now going through me first. I filter it, give the appropriate boosters, and get it out without even having to look in the mirror. I'm beautiful!

You guessed correctly. I am talking about inner beauty and power. The kind that when you have important people next to you, you weigh them first about how much their opinion matters, and that is the way the beauty grows. You should know that was not easy. To get here I had to take the right steps:

  1. First, you take the wrong steps. The ones you have been taught or the opposite way your reaction to them drove you.

  2. Then, you take a break at the bus stop. You let buses come and go until you feel ready to catch one.

  3. You live with this option, you find a window with a view, or you sit in the driver's seat and learn the route. Bump to bump, sunrise to sunrise.

  4. As soon as you start learning your way around, you're looking to catch the next bus.

  5. One of the hardest things you may encounter is the Ticket Collector. He's going to make a fuss about you not having a ticket for a ride that is free, he's going to yell at you, he's going to laugh at you, and you have to find the strength to face him.

If family or friends are on the bus with you, everything comes a little easier. And I'm there. I have taken the wheel on my own bus and at the same time I'm in a seat on someone else's bus. I learn the route bump to bump, sunrise to sunrise and wish for my next birthday to feel as wonderful as I feel today.

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels


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