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Why ME raising my kid is not what I want

I've thought of it so many times, but I do not regret it. I think of myself as a wonderful mother whose kids feel lucky to have her. Still, I do not want to be THE ONE raising them.

To correctly describe my situation, I do not have children. When I do, I want to offer them the world. My dream is to have the happiest kids anyone has known!

I've felt happiness. I want them to feel happiness too. In all their life. Not only aftet their 25, as things changed for me, but from the start. Always.

My husband is a worderful person. His humor is so special and sharp that amazes me. When we have our conversations, he always expresses his opinion, passionately and with arguments. He is very spontenuous and suprises me often with his actions and with how clever he is. He is so clever.

I admire my husband very much. He is the best human in the world. I really want to be like him and I am after this since we first met. I have rapidly become a better person as I get to know him. My instict drove me that road and of course god luck.

His look is filled with love, whilst his smile fills my heart as a glass overflows with water. If he feels happy, I get 10 times happier.

This is why ME raising my kid is not what I want. I want US to raise it together.

I want all these feelings and thoughts for my kids. I want them to see him, make jokes, conversations, learn from him. To have him as a model to their behaviour, to admire him to want to be like him. I want to look at them with love and when smiling at them their heart to overflow. Because if they feel happy, I get 10 times happier.

I want him to write the same post in the blog of our life for me. I want us to be the best people in the world. Together, the same.

And so, will our children.

I love you.


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