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Writing, writing on the paper, it shows up on the screen. What is it?

It is my new gadget! It's Bamboo Folio! It's a notebook in which you write with the special pen on paper placed on the pad. You take your notes as always, and that transfers them electronically to your phone or computer. Isn’t that amazing?

I'm old school and I absolutely love paper. Make drawings, draw boxes, big exclamation marks and mostly arrows! But how could I have all these online on all my devices so I can immediately access them? I just said that! With Bamboo Folio!

You can write on paper, and directly (live) this will appear on your screen! You're going to rock the next conference call!

Some answers to questions I'd ask if I were you:

👍You can use any paper pad you want! You do not need any special paper. I suggest a 80 sheets pad for better results.

👍The pen is ballpoint type and if you run out of ink, you can buy another one from Wacom!

👍 You don't have to be constantly connected. It keeps your notes in the cloud, so that when you sync it downloads them.

👍 Pairing your devices is very easy via bluetooth. It also has a wizard that takes you step by step.

👍Battery lasts. It connects to micro usb for charging.

👍It can turn ink to text for you to edit and search for.

👍You can save the file in many formats and edit it in several applications.

👎 If you do not synchronize for a long timeyou need to reconnect with your passwords and pair your devices. If you have a live presentation, I suggest you check it out first. For a regular note, you have nothing to fear. It will keep it in the cloud for you!

👎 You can't use any pen you want.

If you are looking for more information, contact me.

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